Home Staging – Smart Way To Sell Your Home Fast And For A Higher Price

Home Staging – Smart Way To Sell Your Home Fast And For A Higher Price

winnipeg home stage staging servicesDid you know that for every $100 you invest in Home Staging you can expect to get an extra $400 when your home is sold? According to the National Realtors Association on average a staged home will sell for 17% more than a non-stages home.

A professionally staged home will bring out the best elements of a home. It will accentuate the space, functionality and features of a house so that prospective buyers can imagine themselves living in it. It helps people make an emotional connection with the home, which is key in their purchase decision.



The practice of Home Staging involves various components including:

  • Arranging the furniture in a room to show it off to its best advantage
  • Working with the lighting to create a warm, inviting feelings
  • Strategically displaying artwork and other accessories to give your home a luxurious feel
  • Decluttering the home by reducing the number of objects visible to the buyer
  • Decorating your home in a neutral way to appeal to all buyers

Improving the appearance and attractiveness of the interior and exterior of your home will position your home to sell quickly and likely help you get the highest possible price.

10 Reasons to Stage Your House Before You Put It On The Market For Sale

1. Buyers will have a positive first impression
2. You will increase the likelihood of a quick sale
3. It gives the impression of a well-maintained home
4. It helps you justify your asking price
5. Staging makes the house seem larger
6. Staging shows every Room has a purpose
7. Staging helps buyers see themselves in the house
8. It makes your house stand out from others on the market
9. Staging makes your home appear more Move-in ready
10. You will get more offers and your house will sell for a higher price

It’s a wise decision to stage your home before you put it up for sale. Call Rena (204) 880-7302

Four-Step Staging Process

Walk Through

At your convenience, we’ll meet with you on-site to discuss your overall design objectives and budget.

Home Staging


Our creative team provides a staging proposal customized to fit your personal needs, including furnishings, pricing and timeline.

Home Staging


Within 1-2 days you can expect our expert design team to curate and display all your furniture, decor.

Home Staging


Upon acceptance of an offer on your home, a breakdown will be scheduled. We asked that you give us two weeks advanced notice. Monthly extensions are available if required.

Home Staging

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